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Dyman Associates Advisory Firm Tokyo and Paris Office

Dyman Associates is an Investment Management Company centered on middle and small cap value equities.

Dyman Associates Advisory Firm Tokyo and Paris Office Privacy Policy


Dyman Associates has implemented this policy with acknowledgement that protecting the security and privacy of the nonpublic information we collect from our clients is an essential responsibility. We are also aware that you expect us to service you in an efficient and accurate manner. In order to do so, we have to get and save some identifiable information from you. We would like you to know what data we save and how we use and protect that information.



What Data We Save


Members of this practice consult experiences of certain lawyers who have the needed background for each deal, consisting of bank financing, private and public placement of debt and equity securities, environmental risk analysis and review, employee and labor relations (including general bargaining contracts), real estate, sale-leasebacks, commercial agreements, state and federal taxes, intellectual property, employee benefits and litigation assessment.


What Data We Reveal


We do not give out personal information we gather about our clients to anyone but: (i) in furtherance of our professional relationship with them and then just to individuals required to effect the deals and offer the services that they approve (like custodians, independent managers, broker-dealers, etc); (ii) to individuals evaluating our observance with industry standards (e.g. professional licensing authorities and the like); (iii) our accountants, attorneys and auditors; or (iv) as otherwise offered by law.


We are allowed by law to make known the personal information regarding you to government agencies or other third parties in particular situations (like third parties that do marketing or administrative services on our behalf or for combined advertising programs). These third parties are forbidden to share or use the information for any other reason. We will continue to remain on our privacy policy, as may be changed from time to time, even if you opt to become a dormant client or cease to avail our services.


We limit access to your private information to those staff that needs to know such data to service your account. We keep procedural, electronic and physical protections that abide by the applicable state or federal standards to protect your private data.



Amendments to our Privacy Policy or Relationship with our Clients


Our guidelines on sharing and getting data may vary from time to time. We will notify you of any material alteration to this policy prior to its implementation.


Source: http://www.dymanassociates.com/policy.html